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How we got our first sales being an online cookie company

We started an online cookie company last October[2018] and the ride has been amazing to date.  On our mission to change the world, we have made amazing money, already on the way to raise our next round of funding. Repeat customer rate has been through the roof. Most days we are stock out and many times head to toe busy. People have been crazily sharing about us on social media. Arushi has been invited to several events as a special guest. It's the best days of our life and we feel everyone should start a cookie company. It has changed our life. It will surely change yours. Just kidding, nothing of this sort has happened so far, at least not in its entirety....

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7 Kitchen Essentials for Every Home Baker 

Imagine how our lives would be if we were trying to do everything by hand, not using any tools at all! But with so many tools available in the market, it's very hard to differentiate between what's absolutely necessary & what would be just good to have.  Well, worry not - after baking in the Dohful kitchen for more than a year now, I have come to have a good understanding of what tools you really can't live without. And I have compiled that list for you. 

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The Values Dohful Lives By

Values guide us in our daily dealings and decision making. It helps clears our mind and focus on what is right. In short, it guides our thinking and actions.  Values that we adore here at Dohful are - Genuineness, Passion & Professionalism. 

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