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Easy Yellow Sponge Cake Recipe

The simple yellow sponge cake is one of the most versatile baking recipes I feel. It is really easy, comes together pretty quickly and can be used to make so many different varieties of cakes. I have had this recipe for a while now and this forms the base of a lot of my cakes. So it's been tried out a million times by...

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What does developing gluten mean (especially in baking)?

Gluten is what gives a proper structure to your baked goods. However still, we try to keep gluten development to a minimum. Why is that? This post is dedicated to demystifying gluten and it's development process in batters and doughs in order to understand exactly what is it that we should be avoiding.

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Baking Powder vs Baking Soda - which to use when?

Some of the most primitive questions in baking revolve around baking powder and baking soda. Are they one and the same thing? When to use baking powder? When to use baking soda? When to use both? Can the baking powder and soda be replaced with each other? 

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