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What are craft cookies?

Welcome to Dohful! We are India’s first Craft Cookie brand.  On reading this, you may wonder what craft cookies are? How are they different from normal cookies? What’s special? Is this a marketing jargon? Or is it really something different or unique happening here? Craft cookies are cookies as they should be, as they were meant to be. Cookies as they were made originally. You know before the times we delved so much into machines that making things using your own hands became uncool. A good cookie, rather a perfect cookie should not just be perfect in taste. It should have the perfect texture - a delicate balance of soft and crunchy. A nice crunchy exterior but a soft, gooey...

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Irresistible Cookie Butter Recipe

I have a confession.  I absolutely love the fact that I can eat as many cookies as I want, all in the name of work!  And because I eat all those cookies, sometimes I like to mix it up. Make a dessert out of it. Make it a little fancier. But you already know that ‘coz I already told you. And sometimes in these experiments, miracles happen. 

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