Yes! we are Dohful


Hi, this is Arushi & Chaman - the founders of Dohful Cookies. We first had soft-baked cookies while on our honeymoon in Europe. And fell in love. 

After 10 days of waking up to good cookies & coffee, we were hooked. 

We tried finding similar cookies in India, but no one made them soft baked. 

So we decided to make our own. 

We wanted to make the original cookies - the cookies as they should be. And so we got to work. We read, studied, and talked to a few chefs/bloggers from around the world - asking everyone what were the key aspects of making a cookie. What should we focus on?

And all this while we were also getting our hands dirty trying to make similar cookies like the one we had, in our homes. 

It took us all of 70 days and 300+ trials to come up with the perfect cookie. The one we loved and the one we knew the whole of India will love. 

Make sure to read our blog to know more about us. You can also read about how we came up with the name Dohful or about what all experiments we do with our cookies. 

Have something special to say? We're all ears!