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Delighted by how beautifully soft and amazing these are. Too sweet for my taste but definitely amazing.

Freaking awesome

These choco chuck cookies are amazing! My entire family just loved it.


Awesome.....soft, fudgy-ish...they are delicious, esp the macadamia nut cookie

The cookies are amazing but the customer support is very poor.

The cookies are worth every penny. A definite must try.




This is my second order. So, you got your answer


Very tasty.

Great quality cookies, taste awesome.
Good delivery service.

Assorted Cookies

Nutella Lava Cookies

Choco Chunk Cookies

Cookies are amazing, packed with great efforts and tastes awesome.

Cookies are amazing, packed with great efforts and tastes awesome.


Peanut Butter Marble Cookies

Absolutely delicious

Good, tasteful and heart warming

Your cookies are really very good, tasteful and heart warming. I took a chance of ordering them randomly off an Insta ad. After that, I've already placed 3 more orders for my family and myself. Keep up the good work and all the best :)

Your cookies are simply awesome

Well your cookies are simply awesome. I have been a fan of them for a very long time. Kudos to Team Dohful. Keep up the good work.

Really enjoyed them

I had gifted them to someone and they really enjoyed them, thank you so much!

Really liked the cookies

We really liked the cookies. Will surely be ordering again soon.


Yes cookies are awesome ????

I love it

I got the cookies. Its really good. I love it

Loved the cookies

Loved the cookies. And the whole packing that you guys have is the reason why I ordered in the first place tbh. But the cookies were just as good

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