What's been Baking so Far?

A lot has happened since our last update. We had actually planned to keep you guys posted about whatever is going on with us. But though we had shared about the story behind our name and our cookie secret lately, the monthly update was long overdue.  

In the last update, I had told you guys about the Grub Fest and how we got some fabulous feedback from people. When people were coming back for more cookies, it used to make my heart swell a little more. But we still had to replicate this success through our website. 

In these past few months, we have grown from a 2 people company to a team of 5. From being holed up in the office perfecting the recipes to going out and meeting cookie lovers all over. From anyone not knowing us to featuring in more than 20 Instagram posts and 3 YouTube videos.

I have always believed that the work you do takes you places. And so far the journey with Dohful has been great. I mean, if not for Dohful, I might have never spoken to this amazing couple residing in the mountains living a drastically different life than what they were living before. And acing it, I must say!

And when those same people (Ronnie & Barty) praised our cookies in their Youtube video, it was the best thing ever!


Only to be followed by a British couple going gaga over Dohful Cookies in their Youtube video. 



I remember when we met Theodora & Graham near their Delhi abode, they mentioned about going to Amritsar the next day. Having been to the city twice, I told them a few things about it. Somehow, my tips proved useful to them and I had my first Atithi Devo Bhava moment ever!

Honestly, we had hoped to spread some word with these videos coming out, but when we got orders from all parts of the country, places like Coimbatore, Kashi, Mohali, Nashik and many more, it just made me realize how much cookies are loved.

But the cherry on the cake is when people reach out after receiving their cookies and tell us how they loved them. Like these - 


Dohful Review                     Dohful Review


Or this one - 



And there are many more like these. In fact, these reviews get us going on our lowest days! 


One last thing - one request to everyone reading this post, please follow us on Instagram guys. It motivates us to come up with new stuff always. Also, it will keep you updated with what all are we're doing! 

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