What is a flax-egg? The best egg replacer!

Flax-egg is a plant-based substitute for eggs which is used in eggless & vegan baking recipes. A flax egg is made when flaxseed powder is mixed with water and becomes this gelatinous substance having the consistency of a whisked egg. Yes, it is that simple.

Why do we use flax-egg?

Eggless baking is all about understanding what role does the egg play in a recipe and replacing it accordingly. And one of the many usages of an egg is to act as a binder and keep everything together while staying soft and moist.

And flax-egg does just that.

As flaxseeds are a good source of Omega 3 fats, fiber, and proteins, they provide the necessary binding properties needed for good baked goods. In fact, so much so, that flax-egg is considered one of the closest replacers to the actual egg.

How to make a flax-egg?

Just two ingredients are needed -

  • 1 Tablespoon Flaxseed powder
  • 3 Tablespoon Water

Mix the two together and keep aside for 5 mins. The mixture will thicken and then can be used in place of 1 egg in the recipes.

When to use flax eggs?

As described above, flax-eggs are good for things that need some binding while being moist just like Brownies, Banana Bread, and even cakes.

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As you mentioned above that we can us flax seed instead of egg. So can we use same for the chesse cake as well or with the Macarons. I tried many recipes which show how to make eggless items by using condensed milk, hung curd, yoghurt, potato protein, aquafaba,etc. Mostly people’s suggest me that use premix or compromise with the taste and the texture of the product.
So please tell me that can we use flax egg Instead of eggs in the above mentioned products.


Rajat Sharma

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