What happens when you place an order on Dohful?

Dohful is both a passion project and a way to make a dent in the universe for us. Creating that dent starts with delighting you on every order of yours.

We don't live to just serve your order, we live to make you go ‘wow’ with our cookies. 

As founders, we have notifications set on our mobile for every order received. Yes, it disturbs our sleep but, you know, we are kind of obsessed and its the best way to wake up in the morning.

Though we may seem mature from outside, but Fuck Nooo!!

My co-founder Arushi is especially jumping every time from her chair whenever our phone buzzes to let us know about the new order. She is jumping now also. 💃

Its morning 10 AM, we have just reached office, a lot of orders have already come since yesterday’s cutoff(i.e 2:00 PM), Arti is continuously poking us to give her all the order details. I take my laptop out to take the order printouts, pass it to her and start my day.

It's raining outside. The weather can’t be better than this. Arushi along with Arti have started handcrafting the cookies. Their kitchen timer goes off at particular intervals to let them know that it might be time for the next batch. In the beginning, the timer used to trouble me a lot, but now I’m used to it. 

We have a kind of open kitchen cum office setup where the kitchen and office are partitioned with bamboo chick blinds. Baking happens on one part and the rest of the team sits on the other part. Even while writing this post I’m being engulfed in the sweet aroma of cookies. Told you, we are obsessed. 

The cookies are ready.

Arushi checks all the cookies for the final time for the color, shape, texture and more. All seems well today. The cookies have come out well are now sent for packaging and stamping (Dohful logo and date is stamped on the mailer box). The back labels (see the image below) that go on cookies wrappers are now printed and being pasted. 

Dohful Cookies Back Label

The shipping partner (Bluedart, Fedex etc) has been intimated for all the orders of the day. These processes are all automated so no biggie there. The last step is to print out the shipping labels and pack the cookies as per the individual orders.  

More batches of cookies are being baked as the orders pour in. Orders received till 2:00 PM are shipped the same day. Read more here about our shipping timelines

Around 5 PM in the evening the courier guys come, collect the order and carry the orders to their warehouse for further segregation and dispatching. 

We send you guys the shipping notification with tracking information to your e-mails. You can expect this information maximum by 5 PM via email when you place your order. 

Arushi has taken the chair now. She mostly chillis and sips her iced coffee now.  

I am planning for the Rakhi where we plan to hopefully replace your mithais with craft cookies this time.

We keep a track of how much time an order takes to reaches you and keep in touch with our shipping partners till the order reaches your hand. And all of this is done in the hope that you guys would let us know if you loved the cookies. And when you do, there is no better feeling!

Thank You


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