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How are these cookies different?

Why are these cookies soft?

What is the shelf life of the cookies?

How to store the cookies?

Can we microwave Dohful Cookies?

Is there anything that may cause allergy?

Are these cookies really Eggless?

Do the cookies contain preservatives?

Do you have Vegan option?

Order & Delivery

How to order?

Where all do you ship?

When will my order get delivered?

How to track the order?

Apart from home delivery, where else can we purchase Dohful?

Do you have express shipping?

Can I make changes to my order/cancel order after confirming it?

I received damaged products. What should I do?

Payments & Discounts

What all payment methods are accepted?

Do you offer any discounts?

About Us

Where are you guys based?

What is the best way to reach Dohful?

Who are the people behind Dohful?

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