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I started developing the taste for coffee sometime 6-7 years back. Growing in a middle-class house, we used to had coffee very rarely, usually in winters or when guests would come.

Mostly we would have milk flavored with coffee and not coffee as a deeply explored drink I have grown to be passionate about. 

And is it just me or does coffee remind you too of the cobbled streets in Italy & the ultra-white walls of Brooklyn cafes? Surprisingly, none of these places have their own coffee. They have taken the produce from other places and made it their own. In fact so much so that most people would associate coffee more with America than with Brazil or even India. 

My own coffee journey started very slowly. My taste for the best coffee has developed over time. And these years, I have been able to try various different types of coffees using various different brewing methods & recipes. It started as a recreation, turned into passion soon and has now stuck with me, probably for life. 

Going forward, I am going to share every bit I know about making specialty coffee at home. We will cover a few iced lattes, cold coffees, flavored coffees, hot brewing at home with little to no equipment and I will also tell you which are the tools or gadgets that you may buy if you also find yourself getting fascinated by this world. 

The first recipe coming up in this series is the Vietnamese Iced coffeeIt’s one of my favorite drinks on a hot summer day and I love the caffeine kick that I get out of it without the overly bitterness feeling.

I hope you guys will enjoy this coffee series & try these recipes that we're coming up with. Do tag us on Instagram when you try these out.

Video Recipes in this series 

1. Vietnamese Iced Coffee Recipe Using Cold Brew

2. Vietnamese Iced Coffee using Phin

3. Best way to make Cold Brew Coffee at home



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