Vietnamese Iced Coffee Recipe & More

While planning for the coffee series, I was just making a list of recipes I wanted to share with all you guys under this. And it was no brainer that I am going to start with the Vietnamese Iced Coffee recipe. 

It's sweet, yet gives a good coffee kick, has a slightly creamy texture and takes about 2 minutes to make. The first time I had this coffee was in Thailand, and even though I didn't exactly know what it was back then, I was hooked. Since then I have made it umpteen times.

So, traditionally, for this recipe, we need to brew the coffee using a Vietnamese Coffee Press. It is nothing but a coffee filter that is very commonly used in Southeast Asia. But you can use any type of brewed coffee for this recipe. 

I actually really love this recipe made with cold-brewed coffee. To make my cold brew, I add 1-liter water to 100 gms of coarse ground coffee beans and let it seep in for about 24 hrs at room temperature. I filter out the coffee liquid using a muslin cloth or a nut bag after 24 hrs and get rid of the beans.

This coffee liquid can be then stored in a refrigerator for use up to one month. The reason I love cold-brewed coffee is precisely this - make it once and use it multiple times. Perfect for a lazy lad like me.

Vietnamese Iced Coffee Recipe Using Cold-Brewed Coffee

Iced Coffee Dohful Cookies

Once we have this cold-brewed coffee ready, all we need to do is mix it up some condensed milk and top it up with ice. 

  1. Cold-brew coffee - 125 ml
  2. Condensed Milk - 30 gms
  3. Ice - top the glass 
  4. Any Milk - 50 ml *optional
  1. We start with about half a cup of cold-brewed coffee.
  2. Take 2 tablespoons (about 30 gms) of condensed milk and mix it well with the coffee. It takes some time to get fully combined, so do make sure you have that right.
  3. Take a glass jar filled with ice, and pour this coffee mixture on to the ice.
  4. Top it up with a little dash of milk (to balance the coffee out) and give it a stir. That's it.

Your Vietnamese iced coffee is ready to b devoured. This coffee is my best friend on a hot summer day and once you try it out, I promise you will have it many times more. 

I'm going to come up with a lot many coffee recipes soon, so go ahead and make this one now to avoid the backlog!😁 And do let us know your experiences in the comment section below. 

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