Update: 4000+ Orders Later

Hey guys, sorry that I have been MIA for a long time now.

But this is kind of how the startup life is. Sometimes you get busy just completing the everyday tasks and even that seems overwhelming.

And that is the basic story of how I spent my last three months.

We had been growing Dohful organically one order at a time while also planning stuff for the future like new product launches, recipe videos, offline events and a lot more.

But just as I was busy planning all that, life happened.

We got a chance to be listed on the Cred app - which is a ‘members only app which rewards you with exclusive rewards for paying your credit card bill’. Dohful Cookies was also listed as one of the rewards which the members could claim.

Being on Cred app was way different than what we had done so far. The scale was a lot bigger than what we had dealt with - maybe this will give you a hint of what I’m talking about - in a span of 14 days, we made 17,000+ cookies.

All of which were individually wrapped and shipped as an assortment of our four different cookies in each box.

To say that it was scary to even begin thinking about it, was an understatement. But we knew we just had to do it. Because we had started Dohful just to be able to share amazing cookies with India. 

And when we were getting a chance to do exactly that, how could we say no. 

To minimize the glitches from our side, we bought a brand new oven, which instantly increased our baking speed by 6x. We got a mixer thrice the size of our previous mixer and a chest freezer to put all our dough in before it was ready to be baked.

Our team size grew from a small 4 people team to a whopping 12 people group, just mixing the dough, scooping it out and packing it once it was done baking. And all this went on for about 14 days.

Our schedule for each day had us reaching the office by 8 am and not leave before midnight. At times, way past that.


What you see here is not even a half day's work for us! 

In totality, we shipped to 920+ pin codes to over 4000 customers!! 

And however physically straining the whole deal was, it taught me many good learnings. And though I will cover those in a separate post (which will come soon, I promise) I do wanna share that I don't think we could have ever achieved this without the people who worked on it with us.

From the friend who answered our emails to the guy who served us chai in the office daily, I want to thank everyone for bearing with our madness for those few days.

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And as it turns out, your cookies were amazing!

A customer from the list of 4000!

Dheeraj Kohli

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