The Best Ever Eggless Fudgy Brownie Recipe

 I haven’t met a single person who doesn’t like a good brownie. It’s like the Rajma Chawal of desserts, what’s there not to love?

And especially when you make them using dark, intense chocolate, fudgy texture & a crunchy crackling top. Totally irresistible!! 

And though I have been into eggless baking since as long as I can remember, it wasn't until I started Dohful that I started understanding the science behind each & every ingredient that is put in the baked goods. 

So when I was baking brownies again recently, I decided to go in a bit deeper.

And researched, about what is it that makes a really yummy brownie. What are some of the things I cannot miss to get the perfect brownies every single time? And I think I have done enough R&D to be able to give you the best chocolate brownie recipe ever. 


Best Ever Brownie Recipe

Best ever Brownie Recipe

And I can guarantee that once you try this recipe out, you’re never going back to your old one! So, without any further delay here it is - 

The Best Ever Chocolate Brownie Recipe

Ingredients for 9 Brownies (~85 gms each) -
  • Butter | 105 gms
  • Dark Chocolate (50%) | 180 gms
  • Caster Sugar | 105 gms
  • Brown Sugar | 45 gms 
  • Milkmaid | 110 gms
  • Flax egg | 3 (3 tbsp Flaxseed powder + 9 tbsp Water)
  • Flour | 120 gms
  • Unsweetened Cocoa Powder | 60 gms
  • Baking soda | 1 tsp
Preparation Method - 
  1. Melt the Chocolate(105 gms) & Butter(105 gms) in a bain-marie or microwave (about 1 min should do it). Allow it to cool. Also, set the oven to pre-heat at 170℃.
  2. Prepare flax eggs by adding 3 tablespoons flaxseed powder with 9 tablespoon water. If you eat eggs, you can directly use them. 
  3. Add both sugars to the flax eggs and whisk them thoroughly with a hand whisk for about a minute. 
  4. Add Milkmaid(110 gms) to this mix and whisk again.
  5. Add the chocolate & butter mixture to this and whisk for about 45 seconds this time.
  6. In a separate bowl sift together the flour, cocoa powder, & baking soda.
  7. Add the dry ingredients to the wet ingredients in parts and fold with a spatula. Mix well until you cannot see any flour or cocoa powder streaks in your batter.
  8. Add Chocolate Chips/Chunks(75 gms) to the mix. **Optional**
  9. Pour the batter onto a lined baking tin & bake it for about 30 min in 170º C pre-heated oven. 

Do check the recipe video on the Dohful Youtube Channel.

    *Please ensure the oven isn't too hot when you place the pan inside, otherwise your brownie will rise fast and sink from the middle later.
    Brownie Batter

      You cannot go wrong with this recipe. It's soft, gooey and really fudgy. And if you want, you can top these brownies with anything of your choice - choco chunks, walnuts, caramel, or sea salt like me, you can go absolutely crazy with it and it'll be as yummy as ever!

      Best Ever Brownie Recipe

      Also, here is the printable version of this recipe which you can keep with you for future usage. It would take you a total of 45 minutes to make these and if you want you can do it all in just one bowl, though I like to measure and keep all my ingredients with me before I start mixing. But hey, to each his own. 

      Do give these a try and let me know how it turned out for you. In case you apply any of the tricks to your own recipe, tell me about that as well in the comments below! 

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      Can the sugar content be reduced and condensed milk be added more to get it more fudgier?
      If so what shall be the quantity for this recipe?


      Can the sugar content be reduced and added more amount of condensed milk?
      If it is possible then what should be amount for this recipe ?


      Can we make same quantity in 8*8 tin?


      Hi, loved this video, I’m going to try this. i just wanted to no this brownies is sticky in mouth

      Muhammed Selia

      Hello ma’am,
      Which cocoa powder you are using?
      Weikfeild & Hershey’s comes in small packing & expensive also.

      Krati Goyal

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