Thy Name is Dohful!

It took us 3 months and 17 days to come up with the name Dohful. Why such an awful amount of time you may ask? Well, that's a story I would never forget!

But first I want to ask you guys what you think of the name Dohful?

For us, we love it, of course, but we want to know how you guys feel. And what it reminds you of when you hear the name Dohful. You have to let us know!

Personally, if you ask me, I think the name Dohful has the sweetest ring to it.

I think Dohful is delectable.

Dohful is dainty

Dohful is dexterous

Dohful is a dime in a dozen!

But it was almost not meant to be!!

You see we started with this very cool name (according to us anyway) Dookie. And we loved it. We thought there couldn’t be a better name. It was the nearest thing possible to ‘cookie’. Everyone we took feedback from said it was a cute name. I mean what could possibly be wrong with it?

Turns out that Dookie actually means poop! Yes, we were as surprised as you are!

See, we knew there is a Greenday album with the same name but it was available for a trademark in India so we figured why the hell not. But then we got curious so as to why Greenday chose this name. And we don't know if curiosity killed the cat, but it definitely pooped all over Dookie for us!!

Not to mention that we had already started the process of making a logo around the name when we found that out. But nothing could be done. We couldn’t possibly fathom moving ahead with it. We couldn’t even fathom changing it.

But you gotta do what you gotta do right?

Moving on, a number of names were suggested like Smackaries, Doughey, Gooiness, Ahoy91, Soh! Cookies and also SleepyDo and many more..

But none perfect. Some didn’t have a .com extension available, some were not so intuitive with spelling & pronunciation and some well, they were outright bad. So, for the next couple of weeks, we were stuck in this never-ending loop of coming up with names and then disregarding them.

Then came Dohful and it clicked. And it was perfect.

Dohful Logo

Basically, Doh is the cute little puppy version of Dough. And the suffix ful comes from the fact that cookies are wholesome, fulfilling treats which are indigenous to breakfast because they provide the right amount of carbs, proteins, and energy for you to kick-start your day.

But even after this, we were obviously a little doubtful. Mainly we didn’t want it to be just good. We wanted it to be perfect. But ever since we started, a lot of people including customers have complimented us on the name. And every time that happens, our heart does a little happy dance!

So, I guess what we’re saying is - what's in a name? That which we call a cookie, by any other name would smell just as Dohful!

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