The Values Dohful Lives By

I am happy to say that we have been actively writing blog posts for Dohful in the last three months. There's a lot that we have to say and blog gives us a fair medium to share that with you guys. 

Some of our recent posts appreciated by our readers are - 

As a rule of thumb, you can expect around three blog posts from us every month. We share stories around building an online cookie company from New Delhi. Stories like how long does it take to deliver to how you get rewarded for being a loyalist. We also share a lot about baking and interesting stuff that you can do with a cookie. 

Writing things down in a blog is not just a way to share what we want to say and think you will find interesting, it also helps us cement/freeze something that we have been following/doing and want in writing.

Like the values or guiding mantras that we live by. 

Values guide us in our daily dealings and decision making. It helps clears our mind and focus on what is right. In short, it guides our thinking and actions. 

Values that we adore here at Dohful are - 

  1. Genuineness - 

 I think genuineness is the baseline of everything. If one is not genuine is whatever they do, is there even a point in doing it? 

By genuineness, I mean that we do the right thing always. Right by our customers first and then right by Dohful. There is no personal agenda here. We live and breathe to make sure that everyone who comes in touch with Dohful has a second to none experience with us and at the same time, Dohful is able to live the mission it started with.  

  1. Passion - 

The only reason Dohful was started was that we fell in love with the cookies we sell. We have spent days and months in mastering the craft and we sharpen it all the time. We have a story with each kind of cookie in Dohful and that’s why its there. Our passion is what drives Dohful and we’re proud of it. 

And passion is what we want to carry in everything we do. We believe being passionate makes one skillful at their craft. It also fuels us to go deep in whatever we do. Make sure we don't leave any stone unturned, no issue unaddressed. And we hope we never have to settle for good when great is what we seek.  

  1. Professionalism

We know that you guys trust us each and every time you place an order with Dohful. That’s why we aim to stick to the highest standards of service and communication. That is to be a truly professional company.

Our service does not end with just making great cookies. We have to ensure that each cookie is packed correctly and delivered to your doorstep in due time. We track your orders till the time they reach you and intervene as and when required.

By communication, we mean that we will always be an email/DM away. We try to adhere to a 2-hour rule for replying to all the emails and while we’re human and therefore make mistakes, we know this is something we have to strive to achieve.

We aim to provide the highest level of service and communication at the same time delighting you with our craft cookies. 

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