The Raw Side of the Cookie World (Read: Cookie Dough)

If you’re a fan of Hollywood movies or foreign sitcoms, you must have come across ‘edible cookie dough’ one time or another. 

That’s how common eating cookie dough is on the other side of the world. Especially, in the United States (heard of Cookie Monster, anyone?)

Here in India, the attitude towards eating cookie dough is completely different. Since childhood, we’ve been asked to keep away from the raw batter. Fingers and mouths outside the batter bowl nahi toh a tiny smack on the hand. 

Recently, however, due to the nature of my work (I like to refer to it as cookie crazed), I’ve come across the term ‘edible cookie dough’ quite a few times. 

Its a major part of the cookie world on the other side of the globe. Let’s see what the hype is all about!  

What is Edible Cookie Dough 

It is nothing but a cookie dough that is safe to eat raw

It’s important to know that it has 

No eggs 
Heat-treated flour 

What does this mean? It means that you don’t need to get worried about getting sick from eating raw dough (I know, 90s kids’ nanis and mothers have made us imbibe this fear). 

No eggs mean no Salmonella and heat-treated flour means no contamination by bacteria. 

BUT, even though it’s safe, I cannot get myself to eat cookie dough. There’s something about it being raw that makes me want to not eat it. 

Other members of our team, however, feel differently. They’re all up for trying edible cookie dough! 

Y’all know I’m a cookie lover and I love exploring new things related to it. This meant I owe it to my cookie love to give edile cookie dough a try. 

So I did. 

First Edible Cookie Dough Experience; Phase 1

Cookie dough is eggless and we at Dohful, are all about keeping it eggless. So obviously I gave edible cookie dough a try! 

I used Tasty’s recipe for making the base batter. Added gems and snickers as the mix-ins! This makes it a Gems & Snickers Edible Cookie Dough (Yay). 

 cookie dough

The Moment of Truth 

After resting the base batter for half an hour and adding in my mix-ins, it was time to taste the dough. 

Sorry, not taste, EAT the dough. Like a snack, scoop it up and eat it. 

I’m very disappointed to report that I did NOT like it at all. I didn’t like the texture, and I definitely didn’t like the taste. 

Ishaan however, seems to think that it tasted like Pinni. Which I’m guessing, means that he liked it. 

Experiment Continued; Phase 2

Many edible cookie dough recipes can be baked into actual cookies

After getting disappointed by the taste and texture of cookie dough, I decided to bake it off and see what kind of cookies get baked using edible cookie dough.  

freshly baked

freshly baked cookie

After 7 minutes of patience, these cookies came out of the oven and they looked decent (sort of). The taste was definitely 100 times better than the cookie dough. 

Will I make this again? I don’t think so.  

What’s the Verdict 

Two people in the office liked it, others didn’t. I definitely am not making it again but if I see a jar of edible cookie dough being ravished by someone else, I might give it another shot and taste a little bit. 

It’s really a matter a personal preference. If you’re getting excited about trying this huge trend, here are some recipes that you can try! 
Preppy kitchen. 

All things said and done, I don’t think edible cookie dough can ever replace freshly baked cookies.

The smell of a cookie getting baked in the oven is one of my absolute favorite things. It always brings a smile on my face and makes me feel at home.

Dear kids from the 90s, if this post intrigued you and you want to try to make edible cookie dough for yourself, leave a comment below!

I’d love to know which flavor you tried and how your overall experience was.

Let’s gooooo!

- Hridey

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