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Hey guys,

Today, I'm going to share a secret with you!

Ever since we launched, about two months back now, we have had customers coming and asking us what are we doing different which is making these cookies as yummy as they are.

One of our online customers called us to ask how come the cookies had stayed that soft even after a couple of days of reaching her.

At the same time, a few people have been concerned why each of our cookies looks distinct and not like members of a pack. To answer these questions, we would have to let you guys in on a secret - how we make our cookies!

Yes, after a lot of deliberation and consideration, I have decided to tell you guys exactly what we do to make these cookies. And more importantly what we don’t do. It's actually one and the same.

We never shape or size our cookies in any way!

That is, we don't put our cookies in any preset mold, before or during baking. We scoop out our dough, measure it by grams to make sure we got it right and bake it.

And what triggers during baking is a series of almost magical yet purely scientific reactions which ultimately brings us to the final cookie. The sugar and butter melt, flour rises, the protein from the flaxseeds cooks and binds the cookie, and the cookie dough spreads, taking its shape through all of this process depending upon the size of chocolate chunks and/or nuts in it.

So if you ever come across an oddly shaped cookie, well bless your heavens because there is a huge chocolate chunk coming your way!!

But why is not shaping or molding them better?

What is wrong with just shaping them the way we want to and shipping out identical machine churned cookies your way?

So, to be honest, there is nothing wrong per se. But the result just wouldn’t be as delicious.

Because, for instance, a Chapati is at its best ultimate level when it's fluffed up and puffy. It would still be a Chapati if it's not puffed up, but it just wouldn’t the real Chapati, the way it actually should be.

And its the same way with the cookies.

The spread out cookie is way softer and gooier than any cookie you’ve ever had. Like it’s almost life-changing. Another good point of comparison is biscuits which are always shaped and sized before baking versus the Dohful cookies which are a symphony of flavors as you bite through them.

So I guess what I’m trying to say is that we are nothing but exactly what a cookie should be. Nothing more and absolutely nothing less.

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What is the Fat, Sugar, Carb percentages? It’s not even mentioned on the packing.


What is the Fat, Sugar, Carb percentages? It’s not even mentioned on the packing.


Can you make glutten free, lactose free yummy cookies???

Niladri RoyChowdhury

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