Introducing Dohful Rewards

Dohful is what our patrons think we are. We get identity in this world because of you guys and we seriously adore that. It may sound cliche but we derive happiness from delighting you. That is what we strive on a daily basis. We are fortunate to have so many registered and guest users for Dohful in such a short time.

We are more fortunate because some of our patrons have shown greater love and have shopped from us multiple times. 

When you purchase for multiple times without the products being discounted as in the normal world, It's for sure that you love our cookies. You may not be finding us perfect but you definitely find us worthy. 

And we respect that greatly. It is also really important for us to make you feel valued in a much greater way than just shipping you some of the best cookies. And that’s why we have been trying to figure out how we can keep this relationship strong for a long time. 

And therefore, we want to reward you with redeemable Cookie Points! 

💃  💃  💃  💃

So how does one get rewarded? 

When you make a purchase you get 5 points for every rupee spent which can be later redeemed for a discount coupon.

For instance, say you bought our Choco Chunk Cookies(Pack of 4) for Rs 320, you will be rewarded with 1356 points. 

The points you are rewarded with is 1356 because the rewarded total is 271.19 i.e the pre-GST total you pay. You get five times of the rewarded total.

Dohful Cookie Rewards

And yes, as you can see in the above image, you also get 10000 points just for signing up before your order. You will also receive 20000 points on your birthday. Just set your birth date one month in advance on our portal.

As you can see, the customer has already accumulated 11356 points i.e 10000 points for signing up and 1356 points for the order placed. 

The points can be redeemed at the 40000 level into a discount coupon of Rs. 400. It will be a flat discount with no terms and conditions. 

That’s it. Super easy. And no hidden meanings. 

Dohful Points We are very happy to have this reward program in place. We are always looking to reward our regular patrons and this is just a start in that direction. But a worthy start I will say.



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