French Toast Without Eggs **New Recipe**

french toast

Most days we're too busy to enjoy good breakfast. We've heard a multiple times that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and yet who has the time really?

But then there are some Sundays (or Father's Day which is tomorrow) we want to start with something special. 

Something simple, but special. 

And French Toast is perfect for that day. 

What is French Toast?

A French toast is basically bread dipped in flavorful custard and pan fried in butter.

Usually this custard is made from a mixture of eggs & milk, flavored with a generous helping of Vanilla extract and Cinnamon powder. But as we're making this without eggs, our custard will have corn flour instead of the eggs. 

The recipe just has 5 really simple, all time available ingredients, and is a perfect perfect breakfast...whether you're trying to impress a special someone or feeding an army of kids!

French Toast

French Toast Recipe 

Equipment Needed

We dont need any fancy equipments for this one. Just a large glass or jug to mix all the liquid in, a shallow dish to dip the breads and a non-stick frying pan.

But I like to make my French Toast custard with the help of a hand blender. I fit this with a whisk attachment and what it does is mix the cinnamon really well with the rest of the custard. 

Otherwise cinnamon doesn't get mixed up well and kind of remains separate. So to take care of that I use a hand blender with whisk attachment. But you can also do this in a blender jar or using a whipped cream beater.


  • Bread - 4-5 thick sliced bread/sourdough bread/sliced croissants 
  • Milk - 150 ml
  • Cornflour - 2 tbsp
  • Sugar - 50 g (about 1/4 cup)
  • Cinnamon - 1 tsp
  • Vanilla Extract - 2 tsp 
  • Salt - A pinch

French Toast


1. I start with my hand blender fitted with the whisk attachment. In a tall jar (or a jug), I take my milk. 

2. Next go in the rest of the ingredients - Sugar, Cornflour, Cinnamon, Vanilla and Salt.

3. I whisk all of them together. If you want you can do this in a normal blender jar but I'd not recommend doing this by hand because the Cinnamon doesn't get mixed in with the other ingredients properly, making it an uneven mixture. 

4. Once the mixture is blended well, our custard is ready. Pour this out in a shallow tray or plate and lets get started with the breads. 

5. I have made this with all three breads - Milk Bread, Sourdough Bread & the sliced up Croissants and my personal favorite is the Croissant version. Its just so naturally flakey and crispy that "french toasting" it takes the whole thing to another level. 

6. If possible slice up your bread yourself, if not, make sure you have a thicker bread than the usual store bought ones. But if that's also not possible, do not dip the bread all the way through in the custard. Just dip it slightly and place it on the pan facing the dipped side down. 

7. Then with a spoon, pour some of that custard evenly on the top side which is still completely dry. This way, your french toast will not become too soggy and will not break on the pan. 

8. If you get nice thick bread though, all this is not needed, just dip the bread into the custard mixture from both sides and place it on a hot buttered pan. 

9. Let the French Toast cook on medium flame for 2 minutes per side. 

10. Stack up all your breads on a plate and place a dollop of butter on top. Drizzle some honey, top it with some fruit, maybe some Nutella and you've gourmet'ed the hell out of your breakfast! 

P.S: My favorite combinations for French Toast toppings are Cream Cheese & Berries, just honey and Berries, honey and Mango and last but not the least, Banana with a Nutella Drizzle. Try these out, or make your own, do tag us on Instagram when you make'll make us so so happy!! 



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