Dark Chocolate & Peanut Butter Tart Recipe

Peanut Butter & Chocolate Tart
This 2 layer no bake tart is like a giant peanut butter cup. This tart which is not just easy to make but a very impressive dessert involves a peanut butter filling topped with a creamy sinful dark chocolate ganache, all nested in a chocolate cookie crust. Absolutely gorgeous and delicious at the same time!


Yield - 6 inch Tart
Prep Time - 1.5 hrs
Total Time - 1.5 hrs

Baking Dish - 

6 inches diameter tart pan

Ingredients -

Wet Ingredients

  1. Choco Brownie Cookies - 2
  2. Unsweetened Peanut Butter - 100 g
  3. White Chocolate - 50 g
  4. Whipping Cream - 85 g
  5. 50% Dark Chocolate - 85 g
  6. Butter - 3 tbsp 

How to make -

1. Start by taking 2 Choco Brownie Cookies (each Dohful Cookie is 52 g. If you're taking any other cookie, it should be about 100 g)

2. Grind the cookies in a food processor till they become like a sand consistency. 

3. Add melted Butter (2 tbsp) and mix till combined. 

4. Butter the tart tin and put the ground cookie mix on to the tart pan. Now press with a flat bottom bowl/cup and evenly line the whole pan with cookie mixture to form the tart base. 

5. For the walls, apply pressure on the walls of the tart pan and using the other hand fingers, shape the tart walls. Follow the video for the exact method. 

6. Put this tart base into the fridge (~ 20 min) while we make our first layer. 

7. In a double boiler, melt White Chocolate (50 g) and Peanut Butter (100 g) together till you get a golden-colored mixture. 

8. Take out the tart base from the refrigerator, and put the peanut butter layer in it. This layer will not cover more than half of the space in the tart. Refrigerate again for 20 min. 

9. In a double boiler again, melt the Whipping Cream (85 g) and Dark Chocolate (85 g) together to make a ganache. 

10. Put the ganace layer on top of the peanut butter layer in the tart and tap to make sure there are no air pockets. The ganache here should not be too hot or else the layers will smudge together and you'd get an Ombre look instead of the layers.

11. Decorate with a few Crispearls (like shown in the video) or choco chips or even chocolate shavings. 

12. Refrigerate again for 30 min or till ready to serve. 

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