Dalgona Coffee of the Tiktok Fame!! *5 Min Recipe | Must Try*

Dalgona Coffee is a frothy, creamy, thick coffee that can be made by anyone in just minutes. In fact, this newest craze in the coffee world is actually way more familiar to us Indians than we realize. I, rather I think all of us have had this very coffee made by our mothers whenever any guests were visiting.

Dalgona Coffee is named after its color. Dalgona in Korean means a 'Toffee Candy' which is actually a famous street snack there.

As I said, this is probably the simplest thing ever to make and just takes five minutes so what are you waiting for? Make it already!

Yield - 1 Serving

Time Taken - 5 mins.

Dalgona Coffee

  • Instant Coffee - 3 tsp
  • Brown Sugar - 3 tsp
  • Water - 3 tsp
  • Milk - 200 ml
  • Ice Cubes - 6-8 nos.

Check out the recipe video below - 


  1. Put the coffee (3 tsp), brown sugar (3 tsp) & water (3 tsp) in a bowl and whisk it using a hand blender or a manual whisk.
  2. The mixture will become fluffy and light in color as it is whisked and more air is incorporated into it.
  3. Whisk this till soft peaks form. This means that when you stop the blender and lift it away from the bowl, soft peaks should form in the mixture. As soon as you see the soft peaks, stop whisking.
  4. Put the ice cubes in a glass and pour the milk (~200 ml) in it.
  5. Now scoop this whipped coffee mixture on top of the milk. The Dalgona Coffee is ready!
  6. Stir with a spoon before enjoying your coffee. But do take a picture before!!

Please please please do try this recipe out and also make a glass for your mom! Trust me, you will never go back to your old days of drinking coffee again.

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