Let's Spread The Cookie Madness

Hi guys,

My name is Chaman and I am one of the co-founders of Dohful Cookies.

I’ll be a little shameless here. If you love Dohful cookies, please please help us spread the word. I know a true fan would always want to tell people about it. A little help from you would mean a lot to us.

I do this all the time whenever I discover something new and fabulous. Rather I can’t stop talking about it. What’s better than a smile on somebody’s else face. It also makes our day. Right?

And if you don't love us that dearly, we are eager to make up to you for whatever little expectations we have not stood up. Just let us know. (A lot of improvements are underway which I am sure will make you our true evangelists). 

Now for you to tell other friends about us we have a referral program in place. It is damn straight and simple.

You must be seeing a floating Rewards button on the bottom right of your screen when you open the Dohful website.

Dohful Cookies Rewards Program

When you open Rewards, just sign in to our website -> Go to Referral -> copy your unique referral URL and share it with your friends. 

Dohful Cookies Referral Details

Post your friend's purchase you also get the same discount through a unique coupon code generated for you.

Dohful Cookies Referral Code

It is very simple. Do use it when you share about us. It definitely helps us spread the word and rewards you a little. 

Can't stop talking about Dohful.

Thank You. Cya.




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