Experimenting a new cookie recipe

Hello hello hello. I’m very excited about this post because it's about a new cookie!! Y’all know how much we love cookies here at Dohful, and recently I tried a new flavor. I like to call it ‘Buttered & Sprinkled Cookie’. This cookie has a really simple recipe. It's eggless, of course, and it is as buttery as it gets. 

butter cookie dough

Hi, I am Hridey Nanda, a new member of Dohful team and this was the first time I got to work in the Dohful Kitchen. Experimenting with cookies is a major part of what we do at Dohful. We try to come up with new flavors so that you can enjoy different types of cookies that you find exciting! 

But even a single addition to the menu means multiple cookie trials! This was the first, of hopefully many such trials to come, for me.  

Being a home baker, I am used to a very basic oven while baking. So today, baking in the Dohful Kitchen led to my first experience of baking cookies in a professional oven. I learned the hard way that professional ovens have more power than your basic oven at home. 

Also, at home, 90% of the things I bake contain egg. But here at Dohful, we have a 100% eggless cookie rule. This means I had to make tweaks to the recipe and use suitable egg substitution, handy at the time. I decided to use milkmaid. I had never used it before and so I was really nervous.

Because milkmaid is a very dense substance, I was worried that it would weigh the cookies down. 

And rightly so, because my first batch of cookies came out really hard (oops!)

In my oven, I usually bake a cookie for 20-25 mins at 180 degrees celsius. So naturally, I thought of doing the same with this batch. Luckily, one of the members suggested that I keep it for 15 minutes because that’s the amount of time it usually takes to bake cookies in their oven. However, as life would have it, they STILL came out really hard. You would have to really bite into it in order to get a taste. I’m not sure why this has happened. 

But hey, they looked cute and were pretty tasty. While they were getting baked, I watched them rise for a while. The yellow light inside the oven which lets you see your creations coming to life is one of my life’s delights. They looked just as I had imagined. The golden brown base of the cookie in contrast to the colorful sprinkles all over it screamed ‘festive season’ to me. 

Butter Cookie

But they turned out not quite as I had imagined. Maybe they need to be in the oven for much lesser time or at a lower temperature. It could also be the milkmaid. Or should I have creamed the butter and sugar more? 

But that’s okay. As Arushi said in this blog, she had to experiment multiple times as well before Dohful was finally launched.  I’ll just keep trying till I get the right consistency. 

And I’ll keep you updated about the same! 

In the meanwhile, if you have any suggestions about what might have gone wrong, please leave a comment below. Hopefully, soon one of my creations would be available for all you guys to try! 

butter cookie

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