7 Reasons To Love Cookies

The first thing I ever baked was chocolate chip cookies and this was in the year 2017. Its been two years since, and I have the same level of excitement as I did when I put that first batch in the oven. 


I think once you bake this classic cookie flavor, there’s just no going back. 

One of the first people who inspired me was Laura Vitale. I’m hoping to do a tiny  bit for you what Laura did for me. 

A little background first

A cookie literally means ‘little cake’.  The first batch of cookies was put in the oven as ‘small test portions’ of the cake batter. If I could meet the person who came up with this idea, I’d give them a 1000 hugs!   

Here in India, cookies and biscuits are perceived the same. If you say this to a cookie lover, it will be like telling a chai lover that there’s no difference between masala tea and green tea! 


What makes cookies so lovable 

1. Cookies Are Easy To Make  

All you need is minimal baking equipment and some arm strength! But after you’ve taken the cookies out of the oven, you need to wait for them to cool down before you can eat them. 

The waiting part? Definitely not-so-easy (the smell of freshly baked cookies always drives me crazy).   

2. You Only Need Ingredients That Are Readily Available

Personally, I’m not a fan of buying ingredients that have one recipe use. For making cookies, you only need everyday ingredients (YAY!) such as butter, sugar, flour, and egg. Or not (Here at Dohful, all cookies are eggless!)

3. Cookies Are Completely Customizable and so Versatile

Once you’ve made a base batter, you can add your favorite toppings! Follow what your taste buds tell you! 

Right now, I’m imagining myself ready with a base batter and adding gems, dark chocolate chips, and a good drizzle of Nutella! *yummm!!!*

4. My Mom’s Reaction 

Whenever I bake a batch of cookies, my mom is always the first one to try them. No matter how many times I bake the same cookie, or try a new flavor, her expressions and reaction is always a big smile on the face. And if you give her coffee on the side, she’ll tell you you’ve made her day. 

5. Best Way To Unwind and Ease Off 

If you’re ever stressed due to work, relationships, or like conundrums, a warm and fudgy cookie is your answer. “It’s not a cookie, its the warmest hug”. 

6. It’s The Perfect Snack After a Really Long Day

Imagine this. 

You’re coming home after a tiring day from work and all you want to do is reach home, get into bed and get some food in that belly. But once you reach home, you have to order food which would another 40 mins. 

Instead of waiting for your food order to arrive, you reach home to yummy cookies which not only make your day better, they help you wait for the food! 

And all is good in the world again.

In addition to being the perfect snack, cookies also make a perfect quick breakfast! I know I need em plus coffee before I start my day.  

7. A Cookie is Your Best Friend

At midnight, whether you’re unable to sleep or you’re overthinking about somethings, or you just want to be with yourself, a choco-chip cookie is your best companion. 

It doesn’t talk, it doesn’t ask you to not eat late at night, it’s low maintenance. You don’t need any cutlery. 

You don’t even have to get up and walk till the fridge. You can just keep a box on your bedside. 

All a cookie does is make you feel good 

  • Dohful cookies


Where To Get The Best Cookies From 

If I’m not busy baking, then I’m busy looking for places near me that serve decadent cookies. Lucky for you, Dohful is doing just that! Peanut Butter Cookies, Choco Brownie Cookie, Macadamia Nuts Cookie, Oatmeal Cookie, just take your pick. 

Cookie Bonus 

Cookies make such a cute gift! There are so many types of cookies and they are customizable. There is something for everyone. Your ‘super specific’ friend who only likes certain things, your ‘dessert lover’ friend, your ‘ I love anything that’s free’ friend. 

So what I’m saying is, keep a cookie box ready at all times for happy times. 

Leave a comment below and tell me your favorite cookie flavor! If there’s a flavor that you want me to taste or bake, tell me that too and I’ll share my experience in a future post. I’m always excited to hear what you have to say. So let’s get going!

- Hridey 


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