6 Ways To Up Your Dessert Game Using Cookies

By now I’m sure y’all know how obsessed we are with cookies

We love cookies and we can’t stop giving reasons for why we love them. One of our favorite things about a cookie is its versatility and customizability! A cookie in itself is a perfect dessert. But just for once let’s see if we can beat the perfect this time. 

We always love to play around with the cookies and make something innovative every time we’re having guests over. It’s a simple way to make a DIY dessert but without too many hassles. 

We list here 6 irresistible desserts you can make in minutes using cookies. 

1. Cookie Pop 

Simply put, a Cookie Pop is the love child of a lollypop and a cookie. 

Grind up a cookie, roll it into a nice ball, dip it in chocolate sauce and top it with granola. You have your first cookie pop ready! 

And need I say that all of it is customizable?

You can play around with the type of cookie, chocolate, toppings and go as crazy as you want with your cookie pops!

2. Cookie Ice-cream Sandwich 

What’s better than the combination of a cookie and ice-cream? Well, two cookies & ice-cream of course!

A cookie sandwich is basically two cookies with a filling of ice cream in between. 

And it’s the yummiest sandwich ever! (no offense, bread)

You can also roll the sandwich into something crunchy - like sliced almonds or choco chips so that it gets stuck to the sides of the ice-cream layer and makes it even more textured. 

If you haven’t tried any cookie desserts as of yet, we recommend that you start with this one. In fact, go make it right now! You can thank us later! 

Cookie Sandwich

The ice-cream sandwich in the above picture was made using two choco-chunk cookies and vanilla ice cream. And we all went crazy for it!

3. Cookie Butter 

The first time we had Cookie Butter - we were blown away! 

It’s basically a scoopable, lickable, spreadable form of a cookie (something like Nutella, but made of cookies). You can spread it on your bread, make a cookie butter roll with Rotis and even top it on your fruit salad for a sweet punch. 

Though not a dessert in itself, cookie butter is incredibly easy to make and serve with your other desserts like ice-cream & fruits. 

Our Cookie Butter recipe has Choco Chunk Cookies, a pinch of salt (optional) and some milk. You can add melted chocolate as well. 

Cookie Butter

4. Cookie Crumb Ice Cream 

Another combination of Icecream & Cookies. Boy, they do go together! 

This one involves crushing your cookies, mixing it in some store-bought ice-cream and re-freezing the whole thing. Not just cookies, you can mix and play with other ingredients as well like choco brownie cookies & caramel sauce. Or macadamia nut cookies & fresh berries. Or better yet, choco chunk cookies & walnuts

Your guests would be left wondering where you got that ice-cream flavor from! Way to make your friends super jealous! 

And if you don't have the time for re-freezing, how about using crushed cookies as your ice cream topping? Same delicious flavor but it'll be the quickest dessert to ever come together!

5. Cookie Shakes 

Who doesn't love shakes?

Well, we do. In fact, we're mad about them! 

A shake is a perfect evening snack, breakfast partner or can be served in shot glasses as a dessert also! *slurp*

And just like everything else, we like our shakes with cookies in them! 😂

Brownie Cookie Shake

We made a Choco Brownie Cookie Shake here. Used the choco brownie cookies, ice, milk, and some good 'ol Nutella. Super thick & super yummy!

6. Cookie Smoothie Bowl 

I have your breakfast set! Get a big bowl, put your favorite flavored yogurt, add fresh fruits and guess what? Add cookie chunks!! 

Yes, cookie chunks! Every once in awhile, replace your god ol' granola with cookie chunks, and enjoy the hearty breakfast. 

A cookie smoothie bowl is all you need to kickstart your Monday! 

Cookie Smoothie Bowl

Here you can see a Blueberry Smoothie Bowl with apple, pear, banana, and Oatmeal & Raisin Cookie chunks! Is your mouth watering yet? 

These are just 6 of our favorite cookie desserts, there are so many more which you can make. In fact, if there is a unique cookie dessert that you make - send us the recipe, we would also love to try it out with Dohful Cookies.


Arushi & Hridey

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