Peanut Butter Bread - 1932 Depression Era Cookbook Recipe

If you guys follow us on Instagram, you probably know that we've been baking bread like crazy people for the past few days. 

We wanted to bring for you breads which were quick to make, super delicious and nothing short of the store-bought bread. But there is often a directly proportional relationship between the time taken to make a bread and its texture. Meaning, the longer you spend kneading and proofing the bread, the better its texture turns out to be. 

But the universe has its way of balancing out things and that's why we have quick breads like Peanut Butter Bread and Banana Bread. The reason these are called quick bread is that you spend zero time on kneading and proofing these. They are good to go in the oven as soon as the batter is made. 

What is special about this Peanut Butter Bread recipe is that its Simple AF. We have taken inspiration from a 1932 cookbook and it uses only 5 ingredients. Basically, it's the perfect bread to make in this lockdown period.

So without any further gyaan, let's check out our Peanut Butter Bread! 

Yield - 520 g bread loaf, 10 Slices (52 g each)
Baking Time - 25 Min, Prep Time - 15 Min
Total Time - 40 min

Baking Dish - 

8 inches(200 cm) by 4 inches(100 cm) by 3 inches(75 cm) high Loaf Pan

Ingredients -

  1. Unsweetened Peanut Butter - 150 g
  2. Milk - 240 ml
  3. Sugar - 70 g
  4. All-Purpose Flour - 150 g
  5. Baking Powder - 2.5 tsp

How to make -

Step 1 - In a large bowl, mix to combine Milk (240 ml) and Peanut Butter (150 g) thoroughly.

Step 2 - Add Sugar (70 g) and mix again. 

Step 3 - Sift in the AP flour (150 g) and the Baking Powder (2.5 tsp)

Step 4 - Gently mix the batter till everything is combined. The batter will be thick and will have air pockets in it. 

Step 5 - Line the pan with butter and dust some flour over it.

Step 6 Pour the batter into the lined loaf pan filled till 3/4rd of the height. There should be room for the bread to rise. 

Step 8 - Bake the dish inside the pre-heated oven(200℃) for 25 Min, or until a knife inserted in the center comes out clean.

Step 9 - Let it cool for 20 Min before slicing it.

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For the temperature your oven says C and I need F. Please help.

Cathy Lindsey

Thanks a million for your sharing of making the peanut bread.

Thu Ta

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