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Thy Name is Dohful!

It took us 3 months and 17 days to come up with the name Dohful. Why such an awful amount of time you may ask? Well, that's a story I would never forget! But first I want to ask you guys what you think of the name Dohful? For us, we love it, of course, but we want to know how you guys feel. And what it reminds you of when you hear the name Dohful. You have to let us know! Personally, if you ask me, I think the name Dohful has the sweetest ring to it. I think Dohful is delectable. Dohful is dainty Dohful is dexterous Dohful is a dime in a dozen! But it was almost...

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A Peachy Start

Hello Everyone, It's been more than 4 weeks since we went live on our website and the response has been overwhelming. Everyone we know has come forward with all their support and we have had an amazingly fun time fulfilling those orders. But nothing can beat the feeling of having customers who are not related to you by any means. And that is why the highlight of the month has been the Grub Fest which we participated in last weekend. This was extra special for us because it was our first offline event and we were bursting with anticipation of facing our customers.  We couldn't wait to get out there and start talking about what we had been doing for...

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Welcome to Dohful

Hey guys, welcome to Dohful! It gives me immense satisfaction and a little pride (to be honest) in introducing the first craft cookie brand of our country. Yes, that means we would bake cookies in really small batches and ship them out as soon as they are done so that you receive the freshest of cookies each and every time! As of now, cookies are almost not present in the Indian market. And when I say this I do not mean the store bought, factory-made biscuit-like things which have way more sugar than they should. I mean the real, genuine cookies which are a blast of flavors and textures in every bite. We saw and observed this void for a...

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