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What's been Baking so Far?

A lot has happened since our last update. We had actually planned to keep you guys posted about whatever is going on with us. But though we had shared about the story behind our name and our cookie secret lately, the monthly update was long overdue.   In the last update, I had told you guys about the Grub Fest and how we got some fabulous feedback from people. When people were coming back for more cookies, it used to make my heart swell a little more. But we still had to replicate this success through our website.  In these past few months, we have grown from a 2 people company to a team of 5. From being holed up in...

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A Peachy Start

Hello Everyone, It's been more than 4 weeks since we went live on our website and the response has been overwhelming. Everyone we know has come forward with all their support and we have had an amazingly fun time fulfilling those orders. But nothing can beat the feeling of having customers who are not related to you by any means. And that is why the highlight of the month has been the Grub Fest which we participated in last weekend. This was extra special for us because it was our first offline event and we were bursting with anticipation of facing our customers.  We couldn't wait to get out there and start talking about what we had been doing for...

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